ARAKII is a Stockholm-based high fashion brand built on the purpose that will fulfil the need to have a wardrobe with key pieces and unique details. Inspired by experimenting with the masculine and the feminine silhouette, 

ARAKIIs purpose is to present high-quality clothing with high quality fabrics combined with distinct silhouettes. 

All ARAKII designs are limited edition and made with both day and night in mind with a vision for long lasting use – both from a style and sustainability perspective.


The founder of the brand, Hanna Schönberg started her career as a content creator in 2018 and quickly became a well-known profile on social media. Hanna is known to be a true creator with an impeccable sense of style who has built her brand around expressing herself through her fashion choices with hundreds of thousands of followers getting inspired by her everyday style. 

“Creating my own brand  is a dream come true and stems from my own need to complete my everyday wardrobe without compromises. My vision with ARAKII is to inspire my community to experiment with their everyday style with playful key pieces and unique details”

Hanna Schönberg, ARAKII founder 

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