Sustainability is a core value for ARAKII. The word araki originally means wild tree or new tree in japanese and to us it represents something unique, something growing and something we want to protect.

We are aware that what we do has an impact on our environment. We also believe that it is our responsibility to reduce that impact as much as possible. For us, sustainability is to create products that last, with the least environmental footprint possible. We believe that our main responsibility is to create desirable items that our consumers value and can enjoy for a long time and we have a clear vision to constantly improve in a sustainable way for the good of our planet. We are constantly working to be updated and to follow the developments within sustainability, and we strive to become better every day.

We produce our garments in Portugal, Italy, Turkey and China. They all have different missions, and different expertise and we choose to work with the best in each area. 

We only work with factories that have a sustainable mindset and certificates for the workers and environment.

We choose the material carefully to produce garments with the lowest impact possible.

The hangtags, all cartons and cards are made from recycled FSC certified paper.

All of our shipping bags are made from recycled material and are reusable for the customer.

All of our labels are made from recycled polyester.

Any leather used in our products is veg-tan, this technique involves using natural vegetable tannings and is more environmentally 

friendly than regular leather tanning. Any leather used is also made from waste from the meat industry which means it’s a byproduct.


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